Reviews of Dr. Kinaly

“I started seeing Dr. Kinaly for weight loss and an update on my hormone evaluations. I was very impressed by her office and her team she has in place. They are warm, caring and friendly. My initial consultation was very thorough and we discussed tests to really get to the root of my challenges. Over the past two months I have learned so much about my nutritional deficiencies (of which there were many!). My IV nutrition sessions as well as my weekly visits have made a huge difference in how I feel. Having lost 11 lbs and over 17 inches is a wonderful start. I know I have a long way to go but I am confident that with Dr. Kinaly ‘s determination to find solutions and her support I will reach my goals of optimal health.”

“I have been going to Dr. Kinaly for several years now. The difference between her and other doctors is that she manages your health on a proactive, holistic basis. She does targeted blood tests (which are, admittedly, expensive) and prescribes supplements based on the results. A couple of years ago, when I had my first bone scan, the results showed that I had osteopenia (the early stages of osteoporosis). Dr. Kinaly prescribed a supplement for me, and the latest bone scan I had done several months ago showed no osteopenia at all. So, as she predicted, the supplement completely reversed the osteopenia. Dr. Kinaly also spends a lot of time with you and actually listens to what you have to say. She questions you about your diet, exercise, etc. She is not in my insurance network, so my copay is much higher, but it is worth it. I don’t think I’ve been sick a single day since I started going to her, and as I’m now in my 50’s, I am grateful that I have someone to manage my health on a holistic basis.”

“We have been going to Dr. Kinaly’s office for many years. She is extremely sweet and truly cares for our wellbeing. She shows so much interests listening to our problems and trying to diagnose holistically not by obvious surface symptom. I also need to mention that the office staff  shows much courtesy to us. Needless to say, we strongly recommend a visit to Dr. Kinaly and enjoy almost a spa like clinic!!”

“Truly a life changing service that you can’t get anywhere else in southern CA. Until you have real health problems you don’t realize how complicated resolving them can be and how difficult our system makes it to find the correct treatment. In my experience Dr. Kinaly consistently focused on finding the root of my health issues and the correct treatments to address the real cause. After visiting many other primary physicians and specialists I was left with no answers and no solutions. My health is now 100% better than it was before visiting Dr. Kinaly. Not only did they find the root cause of my health problems physically, they also helped me realize and correct some of the mental issues that were exacerbating my symptoms. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have Dr. Kinaly at my side. THANK YOU DR. K AND THE IMOC TEAM!!

Omrn B.

Dr. Kinaly saved my life. I was struggling my health issue past few years and she found the root cause. If you have unsure health issue and your current doctor cannot find root problem or just saying it’s because of stress or mental, this place could find what is the root problem is. Highly recommended.

Ryosuke K.

Dr Kinaly has helped me so much. With my energy and my digestive system. She is so knowledgeable of the entire body. I highly recommend her. I’ve also lost 25 lbs getting healthier without even trying. What’s most important in a sea of uncaring doctors she really cares.

Becky P.

We can not say enough about Dr. KINALY! She is the only doctor who could help us with a very complex set of medical issues. Her blend between western medicine and holistic health practice is a life saver for anyone suffering from low immune issues, malabsorption, gastric complications, fatigue, headaches, skin issues, allergies, viral syndrome…. yes we had it all going on at once and went to every kind of specialist be before we found her! Through careful and strategic treatment, she rebalanced the body and one by one, a long list of symptoms went away. It was life changing…. I highly recommend her!

Diana A.

I have spend the last 2 years being shuffled from specialist to specialist in hopes of finding what presented as Hodgkin Lymphoma without a definitive diagnosis. I have been poked, prodded, examined, scanned, and cut open, only to be told, “Something is definitely wrong but we don’t know the cause”. I’ve been told everything from I’m just a “mother with young children” (to explain debilitating fatigue, muscle weakness and constant enlarged lymph nodes) to “maybe it’s just hormones” (to explain daily fevers, drenching night sweats, joint pain, rashes, and hair loss). I have seen specialists from other cultures who have told me I just needed to eat this certain food or buy this certain herb but nobody ever actually found out the root of these issues. The absolute worst experience was when some of these highly esteemed (university professors, heads of surgical departments at hospitals, etc) had the audacity to suggest this “may all be IN MY HEAD” and that I am “perfectly healthy”. So, without really knowing who else to turn to, I opened my trusty Yelp app and started looking into alternative or less traditional physicians. Another doctor of mine referred me to a different integrative medicine doctor but the reviews for that doctor were not favorable at all and the last thing I need at the moment is another negative experience. Ironically, looking up the other doctor is what lead me to Dr. Kinaly. Her name popped up on my Yelp search so I read the positive reviews and called her office and scheduled my first visit. What else could I possibly have to lose?? First off, you can tell she is an absolute brilliant, gifted genius right off the bat which is awesome, in my opinion. I was resistant to getting more blood work but she kindly explained the difference between standard laboratories and specialized ones and informed me she uses specialized labs who do more than one type of testing with the blood samples, resulting in way more accurate findings. I told her my whole history and left feeling confident she could help me. Of course, we still had to send away my blood and wait 3 weeks for the lab to run the tests. While I waited the three weeks I did lots of research because I just felt in my heart she was the one — the ONE doctor who actually cared enough to listen to me (and delve into my history!) — and the one who would save me. By the end of my waiting period I was ready to tackle this thing head-on. I just knew she would finally lead me down the path to healing. I’m so grateful to have found this gem of a doctor!

Courtenay C.

Very glad I found Dr. Kinaly. She is very thorough and comprehensive. She truly wants the best for her patients. I appreciate the combination of traditional medicine coupled with a holistic approach. I have never seen a Dr. spend so much time with her patients. Her staff is excellent. Highly recommended!

Derek F.

This is the place to be when it comes to your health. Dr. Kinaly is thorough and conservative in her recommendation. My lab work, both the results and her explanation of what was going on with my body/health, is the most comprehensive (17 page report) I have ever had. Dr. Kinaly was referred to me by a few different people and I finally got a chance to experience the difference myself. She spent plenty of time with me. Answered all my questions and went over her recommendation. If you want to get to the root cause of the condition without masking symptoms with various pain killers, or if you want to prevent disease, this is the place to be. I would not hesitate to refer to Dr. Kinaly. The decor is soothing in itself and her staff are on top of it.

Nona D.

Dr. Kinaly is truly a very kind and wonderful doctor. I’m glad there are doctors out there that still care deeply for their patients the way Dr.Kinaly does.

Ana H.

Dr. Kinaly is a blessing to me. I am thankful for her compassion and kindness. I have suffered with migraines and chronic headaches for years and she is the first person that has really listened to me. I appreciate her willingness to work diligently to solve the root of the problem. She takes her time with each visit and is passionate about her patients. It is important to her that healing takes place and she thoroughly examines each step of the process until it is complete. I also appreciate her kind and caring staff. You feel like you are part of a family when you are in the office which brings calmness and relaxation. I feel like I have my life back and I truly thank Dr. Kinaly for all she has done.

Jen M.

I had been having fatigue and fibromyalgia for several years and my current Dr was unable to find the cause of all this. My daughter in law recommended I come see Dr Kinaly, who in a short time discovered I had an autoimmune condition. Without her compassion and care, it would have not been discovered and I would not be feeling as well as I am today. Office environment and staff are equally as compassionate. I highly recommend this Dr and office to anyone in need of a thorough and compassionate Doctor.

Karen L.

Love this office, the staff, and Dr. Kinaly. It’s not often you find a doctor who actually takes time to get to know her patients and truly cares about their well being. Dr Kinaly goes above and beyond and her staff is amazing!!!!

Taryn V.

There are no words to describe someone so awesome! Let me just summarize by saying, Dr. Kinaly is a Godsend and an answer to prayer in my life. Her loving/caring attitude make one feel they are with a dear friend and her beautiful office is like visiting in a home. Dr. Kinaly is always abreast of the very latest innovations and her integrative practice goes far beyond what the typical internist offers. Bless you Dr. Kinaly for all you do for others!

Darlene C.

Dr Kinaly is not your ordinary MD. She is proactive in keeping you well. I could never go back to a pill pusher who only looks at symptoms. Dr. Kinaly searches for the cause and works until she gets to the bottom of the issue. Her office visits are not 5 minutes, here take this and goodbye! She is beyond thorough. She is always investigating the latest findings. She references recent articles for you to read for yourself. She gets to know her patients like doctors of old used to do. Her staff is a WOW too. The office environment is especially welcoming and professional without smelling like a Dr. office. I am a generally healthy person but I know I have the right person looking out for me to keep me that way!

Pam K.

Dr. Kinaly did it again! When others gave up, Dr. Kinaly and Anthony attended seminars and studied until finding the answer for me; curing my Lyme’s disease and autoimmune deficiencies using new medical techniques after antibiotics and botanicals failed. Dr. Kinaly has always been proactive in her medical practice and the inclusion of Anthony has accelerated that. They have been important to my life and those in my family.


My quality of life and joy for life were deteriorating. Dr Kinaly was able to restore that joy and zest. I have not been able to garden for over 4 years. Under her care and restorative treatment plan I have my life back. Also, Victoria and Anthony are amazing and support the wellness of the patient a 110%.

Polly C.

Doctor Kinaly is the most caring and knowledgeable doctor I have ever been to. She takes the time to find the root of the problem by talking to you and extensively reading your blood work. When I came to her, I was suffering from severe autoimmune symptoms. Since treatment with doctor Kinaly I haven’t had ANY symptoms. She gave me my life back! Forever grateful!!!”

Lani B.

I have been seeing Dr. Kinaly for a few years, and I love her. She is one of the most caring, compassionate Dr’s I have ever met. She spends time with her patients because she cares about them and what they need. She explains, listens, ask questions as well as answers. She is truly one in a million. I fly home from Europe once a year to see her for my check-ups, because I trust her, can’t say that about too many Dr’s.

Barbara E.

Dr. Kinaly is the most caring doctor I have ever visited. She will take her TIME with you, something that is completely unheard of these days. She is very very thorough, and she will get to the bottom of things! I highly recommend her, even if you have to wait a bit to see her. You will have your chance with her and she will give you the most careful examination. I highly recommend her. She is very thorough in figuring out problems for which other doctors have no answer.

Kathleen H.

Dr. Kinaly is truly a great doctor. She cares about her patient and takes care of them with compassion. She always explains her findings and gets her patient on board with her to get down to the root of the health problem instead of just prescribing some medication. We really need more doctors like her. I truly do appreciate her skill and knowledge as a doctor.

Michelle Y.

Dear Kinaly is wonderful. Yes, you have to wait to see her. That is because she cares about really finding out every detail to try to figure out how to help you. If you are looking for a doctor who gives you a five minute visit and a prescription, then she is not for you. However, if you are looking for an old-fashioned doctor who takes the time to really figure out what is going on and help you, then this is the doctor for you. I have never met a doctor who was more thorough. But I have paid other doctors a lot who could not figure out what was wrong with me. When I finally went to Dr. Kinaly, she figured it out. This happened twice. So, if you want a thorough doctor, see her. It is worth any wait. Good luck finding another internist who is not in a hurry to see the next patient!


After years of being sick and Dr’s not knowing what was wrong. I was amazed when I found Dr. Kinaly, it truly shows in her work and personality how much she enjoys her job. It was great to have an in depth intellectual diagnostic conversation. She is well-spoken and shows tremendous interest in continuously educating herself. It would be nice to see more doctors like her.


I love the office and the staff is VERY friendly. It’s a very warm and inviting office. Dr. Kinaly is very attentive, thorough, and observant. She took her time with me and it was refreshing to have a doctor treat you like a patient rather than a number. It’s more than obvious this doctor loves her profession and people and truly cares about you.

Debbie P.

This is the most thorough doctor and staff I have ever been to. They dig deep into your health history to connect the dots on your current health issues. They naturally treat the whole body and not just put a bandaid on whatever symptoms you have. The doctor is kind and has a wonderful bedside manner. She is different than most doctors and that is a good thing. The process with this office can be longer than other because they don’t rush to “fix” the issue they go to the root on the problem and actually treat and heal the body and problem. They brought me personally, back to health after bacterial meningitis and helped rebuild my immune system. But she doesn’t just deal with major life threatening issues, she has also treated my kids for things like a common cold. The atmosphere is nice, comfortable and welcoming. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and makes so much effort to give everyone a positive experience.

Brittany C.

Amazing caring and smart doctor

Melissa A.

I was experiencing a number of health issues prior to coming to Dr. Kinaly and they were all being dismissed by my doctors. Dr. Kinaly found all the problems with my health through extensive testing which made me feel comforted in knowing what my issues were and she used natural remedies to target those health issues. I feel like a whole new person after going to her and am optimistic about the future of my health. I have more energy, my tone is better, I’m happier, I stopped experiencing stomach pain, and I even got taller! She’s an amazing, comforting, kind doctor who will actually listen to what you have to say, validate you, and help you be both your healthiest and happiest self!

Batool K.